Elon Musk shared the message “Whoever we want to blow,” on Twitter, when a user claims that the U.S. government has committed a coup in Bolivia so that he can buy lithium.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk are coming to the agenda with interesting statements made from social media from time to time. The famous billionaire finally came to the agenda with his ‘coup’ statement.

“Another government incentive package is not in the interests of the people,” Musk said on his Twitter account regarding the preparation of an economic support package against the coronavirus two days ago.

Then a user replied to him, “Do you know what is not in the interests of the people? The US government organizes the coup to Evo Morales in Bolivia so you can get lithium.” Elon Musk, on the other hand, said, “Whoever we want to hit, blow them.”

After this tweet was reported in the world press as ‘Elon Musk confessed his role in the coup,’ Musk made another tweet and said, “We also buy our lithium from Australia.”

Lithium ion batteries are used in the production of Tesla vehicles. It gives the vehicles energy.


Evo Morales served as the President of Bolivia between 2002-2019. According to official results, it received 47 percent of the votes in the 2019 elections. However, the opposition claimed that he was cheating in the elections. As a result of the increased blood pressure in the country, Morales had to quit and resign. His home was then raided by the armed forces. Morales said this was a coup. Morales, known for his anti-capitalism and anti-US rhetoric, was known for his statements and laws passed by major international firms against his activities in Bolivia.

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It is often claimed that Elon Musk played a role as a financer in this ‘coup’ on the internet, especially on social media, because the country has natural resources that would benefit Tesla. However, no documents or evidence to support this claim have been revealed so far.


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