Elon Musk’s Dogecoin shares were perhaps among the most talked about topics this year. Most people bought coins by following these posts of Elon Musk especially.

The enormous increases in Dogecoin after each tweet have brought significant profits to those who entered the coin early. Others became dollar millionaires. Here is the story of a man who became a dollar millionaire.

Becoming a Dollar Millionaire with Dogecoin

Glauber Contessoto is a name that stands out with the admiration of Elon Musk at the age of 33. He decided to buy DOGE after Musk’s Dogecoin shares. DOGE purchased approximately 225 thousand dollars.

The purchase cost of Contessoto for your life in Los Angeles is $ 0.045. Contessoto, which bought 5 million DGEs, sold all of the Tesla shares he held in banks in order to make this purchase.

It only took 69 days to become a dollar millionaire

Contessoto, a fan of Elon Musk, shared a post on the Reddit platform on April 15, just 69 days after his investment, and shared a screenshot of his account on the stock exchange he used.

In this share, the figure seems to be 1 million 81 thousand 441 dollars. In other words, Contessoto’s DOE investment has increased four times.

Stating that he is loyal to Elon Musk, Contessoto states that this loyalty is highly rewarded.

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