Elon Musk’s Canadian singer lover Grimes has auctioned “some of her soul” in her art gallery. The winner of the auction will have a legal document that shows that Grimes has taken part of her soul.

Grimes, the lover of Elon Musk, one of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs with companies such as SpaceX and Tesla, came up with an extremely strange event. Announcing that he’s selling part of her soul, Grimes will give a part of her soul to the person who paid the highest price at the auction.

Being a singer in Canada, Grimes attaches importance to visual works as well as her singer identity. The famous singer, who sells her artistic works such as painting and photography, also wants to sell a part of her soul under conceptual art works.

Grimes, who opened an exhibition titled “Selling Out” at the Maccorone art gallery in Los Angeles, will give a legal document to the highest bidder on the internet until August 31, showing that he is selling “a part of her soul”.

Explaining the subject, Grimes said, “I did not want anyone to buy it, so let’s say 10 million dollars, so we thought it would not be sold. But as I thought with my lawyer, the business got even more interesting philosophically. The idea of ​​a fantastic piece of art in the form of legal documents was very attractive to me. If we consider the current situation in the world, would you sell something for $ 10 million? ” said.

Saying that she always sees herself as a visual artist, and even strange that people get to know her with her music, Grimes said that her style is more like the “restless looking anime – horror” genre. Grimes had used this style frequently in music clips before.

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