ZA / UM has worked on optimizing the product, so the minimum PC specs have dropped significantly.

One of the biggest surprises of 2019 was Disco Elysium, a title developed by ZA / UM that has not only been successful in critics and audiences, but has received important awards in recent months. This RPG, which will also be released on consoles, did not work well on computers with worse technical specifications. However, the developer has announced that it has made a deep optimization so that it works on as many machines as possible.

“If you found out that your computer was having trouble running Elysium Disk before, then this update will surely fix this. Much more people can play now or enjoy a more polished experience than before. The new minimum specifications are: Windows 7 with DirectX compatible graphics card (integrated or dedicated, minimum 512MB of memory), 2GB of Ram, Intel Core 2 Duo and 20 GB of hard disk space. The compatible old Macs are:

MacBook Pro: mid-2009
MacBook Air: mid-2012
iMac: late 2009
Mac Pro: late 2008
Mac mini: 2009


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