Emojipedia first appeared with new emojis that will come to iPhone, iPad and Mac. Android users will use these emojis a little late.


The Unicode Consortium has announced the draft candidates for Emoji version 14.0, which will be released in the coming months. The new emojis, which will be available to iPhone, iPad and Mac owners first, will arrive on the Android platform a little late. More precisely, Android phones other than Pixel devices will get these new emojis a little late.

Expressing yourself will be easier with new Emojis

Among the emojis; there will be the melting face, the tearful face, the saluting face, the open-eyed face, and the face that shuts its mouth. Hand emojis will include shaking hands, making hearts, counting money, shaking hands, and pointing emojis. Other emojis will include A Crowned Person, Low Battery, Bird’s Nest, Disco Ball, and Bubbles.

The final version of Emoji 14.0 will be announced in September. It is expected that new emojis will be added to the list by this date. It will take 2022 for these new emojis, which will be available on mobile devices with the iOS 15 and Android 12 update, to come to other Android phones. In this process, it should be noted that emojis will appear as question marks on mobile devices that do not have Android 12 and iOS 15.

Every year, the Unicode Consortium adds new emojis to the list, making it easier for people to express themselves without typing. These innovations will continue in the coming years. Let’s see what will meet us in 2022?


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