Facebook has been trying to integrate end-to-end encryption technology into its services since 2019. The company announced that this feature will not be available on Facebook Messenger and Instagram before 2022.

Social media giant Facebook has been working for several years to integrate end-to-end encryption into its services. However, the latest blog post published by the company revealed that we will not be able to see this technology on Facebook Messenger and Instagram anytime soon.

According to the statement, users will have to wait until 2022 for end-to-end encryption. It’s surprising how long Facebook offers end-to-end encryption support across all of its services. Because the company started its work in this direction in 2019.

Three years is a long time

Of course, it is really difficult to organize the necessary infrastructure and implement this change across multiple platforms, but it looks like the company prioritizes working on other features rather than encrypting messaging.

According to experts, three years is a very long time to implement an end-to-end encryption system. While Facebook takes this issue slowly, the user base of other messaging services such as Signal and Telegram, which offer end-to-end encryption technology, continues to expand.

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