There’s a tough rivalry between Cobra, the domain name owner of, and Will Bins, who runs the site.

One of the most important websites for the Bitcoin community, perhaps the most important is This site was under the control of Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, and was founded by him. However, over time, his domination passed to others, and now he is controlled by someone whose identity is hidden, using the nickname Cobra. Cobra is also one of the founders of

There’s a tough rivalry between Cobra and Will Bins, who are managing these days. Bins has been the biggest contributor to among all names since 2009.

As a result of the dispute between Cobra and Bins, Cobra fired Bins. Bins accuses Cobra of endangering the site and acting illegal for its own benefit.

Bins said, “, which many people use to download the latest version of Bitcoin Core software, is currently in danger. Cobra interrupted my access and took control of the site as well as code repos. I believe that Cobra has neither the sole and legal owner nor the right to do things for this reason. ” says.

On the other hand, Cobra said that Binns was only trying to claim ownership of the site while being a contractor. Arguing that Cobra has unfairly dismissed him, Binns is seeking funding for the legal struggle.

The wick of the debate between the two was burned when Binns said he offered a grant or investment of up to $ 75,000 to Mozilla’s company. According to the screenshots posted, Cobra tells Binns to take the money, but asks him or her company explicitly to state that he or she has no ownership or shares in Also, “It should be clear that Mozilla personally supports you, the grant would be better here, but if they want a share on the company, they should know that this company has no share on” uses expressions.


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