Enjin (ENJ) coin has proven itself as one of the most advanced products among NFT coins. Most recently, the developer of the ERC-1155 coin standard has joined the Crypto Climate Accord to reduce the carbon footprint of blockchain tools.



The decentralized ecosystem joins the Crypto Climate Accord, the startup tasked with reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of modern blockchains.

Enjin is on its way to carbon-negative

Enjin (ENJ) announced that it has offset a higher amount of carbon than JumpNet, the largest blockchain system, to support the initiative’s mission.

Even before joining the initiative, Enjin (ENJ) used much less energy than the average JumpNet used. At the same time, Enjcoin used almost 100 times less energy than Ethereum (ETH), which hosts the most popular smart contracts.

Doug Miller, Global Markets Leader at Energy Web, recognizes Enjin’s (ENJ) contribution and commitment to the project’s mission.

Doug Miller said, “We are delighted to see Enjin join the rapidly growing community of companies that are looking to develop solutions to decarbonize the crypto industry. The race is on for Enjin participation to lead by providing evidence of green NFTs while promoting standard energy and carbon industry practices.” said.

This decision by the Enjin (ENJ) team was announced amid yet another explosion of criticism against blockchains. Ecology activists claim that the massive electricity consumption of some blockchains is accelerating global warming and other aspects of climate change around the world.

Enjin CEO Maxim Blagov said:

Even when innovating, it is very important to think about our planet first. The creation of new forms of technology should never come at the expense of destroying our environment. Carbon neutrality for JumpNet is an important step towards our vision of a sustainable NFT ecosystem for Enjin and our partners. It should be noted that Enjin’s JumpNet hosts NFT-focused startups from top league companies such as Microsoft, Binance, CoinMarketCap, and Korea’s largest social gaming app GameTalkTalk.

The CEO emphasizes that this step is extremely important for the entire ecosystem of decentralized NFT coins and their distribution platforms.


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