The coronavirus pandemic, which shook the world and was in a difficult economic situation, did not affect American billionaires, according to a study. On the contrary, multi billionaires added wealth to their wealth during this period.

Coronavirus pandemic has affected life negatively throughout the world. The pandemic, which caused production to cease in many countries and cause people not to do business or to be fired, deeply shook the global markets.

On the other hand, for the richest people in America, it seems that the pandemic has not created an economic problem at all. An average of $ 42 billion a week became richer each week during the American billionaires’ pandemic process.

Bezos and Yuan add wealth to wealth

According to the billionaire consensus survey of Wealth-X, the most enriched among American billionaires in the pandemic process was Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Zoom CEO Eric Yuan. Bezos also broke his personal wealth record in July.

In a study conducted by a non-governmental organization that wants taxes to be fairer, the change in the wealth of billionaires after 18 March was addressed. The total enrichment of billionaires to date has reached a huge sum of 700 billion dollars.

On the other hand, unemployment benefits in the United States rose to a record in the same period. Economic troubles throughout the country are at the center of many protests. A significant portion of the “Open the states” actions on TV are carried out not because people are bored at home, but because they have no money in their pockets.

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Pandemic cornered the American economy

The American economy, which is among the most powerful economies in the world, remained in the classroom during the pandemic period. While the income gap in the country is getting bigger and bigger, many unemployed people lost their health insurance in the same period.

Looking at the economic data released before the November elections, it is stated that current US President Donald Trump may find himself in a very difficult situation. The one-time payments made by the US government also do not seem to be enough to meet the reaction of the citizens.


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