Mati Greenspan, one of the analysts known in the cryptocurrency market, said he decided to diversify his portfolio a little more after the end of Bitcoin halving.

Greenspan announced earlier this month that it moved its entire portfolio to Bitcoin. Now, he has reported that he has entered some altcoins by pulling the weight of Bitcoin in his portfolio to 70 percent. Accordingly, Greenspan’s portfolio cent of the 9:43 am Etherea , 6.68 percent of the Tezos and 6.29 percent of the Zcash forms.

Explaining his views in one of the new issues of the Quantum Economics newsletter, Greenspan stated that Bitcoin is the number one choice because of its strong foundation, and concerns about the increased transaction fees are not a reason to get out of the ship.

“There are at least three dozen cryptocurrencies that are cheaper and faster, but none have security, digital scarcity, immutability or liquidity in BTC,” the analyst said. Bitcoin is not very good when trying to buy coffee with cryptocurrencies in a Starbucks store, but Bitcoin’s value proposition is not making it easy to buy coffee anyway. Instead, Bitcoin provides a presence independent of governments and banks. I can’t really see any reason to give up the gold standard right now. ” says.

Greenspan, which does not include XRP in its portfolio, is concerned about the market value and the total supply of 100 billion coins of the fourth largest cryptocurrency. According to the analyst, XRP is not a reliable cryptocurrency when it comes to digital scarcity.


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