Thursday, October 29, 2020

Justin Bieber admits he benefited from black culture

Protests over the death of George Floyd, an African American who died of police brutality stemming from racism that still persists, continue in much of the United States and...

Most Dominant in WWE History: The Nexus

10 years ago, one of the most dominant stables in WWE history debuted: The Nexus Monday Night RAW on June 7, 2010, John Cena faced off with a masked CM...

J-Hope prepared a surprise for the members of BTS

BTS's Hoseok made original bead bracelets for BTS members. The BTS guys have had a very busy year, with a pretty tight schedule, but none of that has stopped the...

Paper Mario: What The Origami King offer you?

Nintendo offers a new and extensive Paper Mario: The Origami King gameplay detailing the title's levels, allied characters, combat, and more. Nintendo surprised us a few weeks ago with the...

Persona 4 Golden is available now on Steam

Atlus launches on the PC for the first time a Persona that we can immediately buy through its Steam page for € 19.90 It was already practically confirmed, but Atlus...

“Bang Bang Con: The Live”: BTS ONLINE concert

The most popular K-Pop band opens the doors of their house for an online concert dedicated to all members of ARMY The coronavirus pandemic requires people to maintain the so-called...

Rookie Wants Award, ASTRO Cha Eun Woo Netizen

Cha Eun Woo later reaped netizen comments after expressing his desire to receive a rookie award as an actor. On the airing of the variety show 'All the Buttlers' on...

The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War announced for mobile

The game will be set chronologically in the Third Age and will feature mythical characters from the classic Peter Jackson trilogy. The drums of war resound again in the deep....

SUNMI Enthusiasts ‘Pporappippam’ Introductory Trailer

SUNMI again teased fans by releasing new teaser photos ahead of the comeback. On Thursday (6/18) 00.00 KST, SUNMI soloists released their latest teaser photo and counted down their comeback...

Is Ian Somerhalder unfaithful to Nikki and Nina?

Did Ian Somerhalder Cheat Nina Dobrev with Nikki Reed? We take stock of this tenacious rumor. This is the question that everyone asked. Did Ian Somerhalder marry Nikki Reed for...

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“We Are Ready to Send Federal Power to Philadelphia”

The events continued on the second day after a black man was shot dead by the police in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. The White House...

Covid-19 infected global markets

Covid-19 infected global markets. Europe has caught its breath and awaits the statements of French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel within a few...

The key themes of Frank Ocean’s incredible career

The key themes of Frank Ocean's incredible career. The personality of this artist is such that his two albums hardly have collaborations, even though...