EOS rose 18.33% on Wednesday. After a 2.57% gain on Tuesday, EOS closed the day at $ 3.4841. EOS, which had a mixed start on Thursday, fell to $ 3 in the early morning before making a move.


EOS pulled away from the first major support level of $ 2.7171 and rose as high as $ 3,5071 on the day afternoon.

EOS broke through the day’s major resistance levels before retracing to the $ 3.15 levels.

The retracement saw EOS drop from the third major resistance level to $ 3.4767 and from the second major resistance level to $ 3.1636.

However, EOS, which found support late, closed the day at $ 3.48, leaving behind the second and third key resistance levels.

At the time of writing, EOS is trading at 11.7% at $ 3.24 in the 24-hour time frame.

Levels to watch

The $ 3.20 level is extremely important to prevent EOS’s bearish movement.

However, for EOS to hit a Wednesday high of $ 3.5071, support from a wider market will be required.

The first major resistance level for EOS appears to be the $ 3.75 level. In the event of another long rally, EOS can test resistance at $ 4.00 before any retracement. The second major resistance level is located at $ 3.9547.

However, in the event of a pullback, EOS will head to levels below $ 2.30. Major support for EOS is at $ 2,5889.

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