Anime studios tend to make a name for themselves from what fans see on screen, although some of them stand out more than others.

Madhouse and MAPPA are some of the most recognized, as they have taken it upon themselves to bring popular works of manga to television, and now they are about to take a big step.

Both studios recently joined forces to translate all their knowledge into a new original anime that looks very promising.

With works like Attack on Titan and One Punch Man on their resumes, both studios now feature takt.op Destiny, a quirky work that mixes classical music with thrilling battles.

The story centers on a group of heroines called ‘Musicarts’, whose mission is to defeat powerful creatures that banned music to dominate everyone.

These women are led by the ‘conductors’, and we will precisely see the union of two members of both groups, Takt and Unmei, who will come face to face with the D2 while they travel to New York.

The announcement of this work produced by both studios occurred on June 27 during the MAPPA Stage, and as they revealed, it belongs to a multimedia project in charge of Bandai Namco Arts and DeNA.

Its premiere is scheduled for next October 5, although several details such as the cast that will lend their voice to the characters, remains unknown.

The only thing that is known is that Kouki Uchiyama, who plays Shigaraki in My Hero Academia, will be present to bring Takt to life.

This collaboration between studios looks very promising, but it will be until next month when we see if it is as good as the original premise shown in the Takt.op Destiny trailer.


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