Epic Games claims in its court documents that Apple made a record 78 percent profit margin from App Store subscriptions and sales due to its monopolistic mindset.

The dispute between Epic Games and Apple, which started with the sharing of store revenues, ended in court. While the two sides accuse each other on different issues, very interesting information continues to emerge.

Profit margin at record level

In the past weeks, it has come to the fore that Apple was planning an iMessage version for Android as well, but then gave up. Now, more claims are made of the App Store profit margin than is reflected in the charts.

Eric Barns, an expert on Epic Games, states in his research that the store profit margin is actually 77.8 percent. In 2018, this figure was 74.9. The source of the research is Apple’s Corporate Planning and Analysis group.

Apple stated its overall profit margin as 42.5 percent in its last financial statement. He defines the App Store platform as a tool that will ignite hardware sales. However, Epic Games insists that it achieves very high margin rates with Apple’s monopoly in the store. He also added this to the case file.

Apple expert claims that the research was based on an iOS element only, and that the rate of profit was wrong. He states that if all service and device contents are taken into account, the profit margin will be at normal levels. Let’s see what kind of information will we encounter during the court process?

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