Epic Games has been offering its users one free game every week for a long time. With this feature, the platform, which is very popular with many game lovers, announced that it will make a new game free of charge every day for 15 days starting from December 17th.

The list of games that will be released to users free of charge for 15 days has been leaked. The games on the list seem to delight a large audience.

Epic Games free game list has been announced!

Epic Games announced that it will make a new game free of charge every day from December 17th until the new year as a Christmas gift. Until today, the platform, which distributes many games to users free of charge, continues to attract the appreciation of the players. Epic Games has been on the agenda for a long time with the free GTA 5 game. The list of games that Epic Games will give for free has been announced, it would have been desirable that it should be included in Cyberpunk 2077 on this list, but unfortunately it is not on the list. However, we can say that there are games that will be liked by many users.

List of games that Epic Games will distribute free for 15 days

  • 17/12 – Dying Light
  • 18/12 – Resident Evil 7
  • 19/12 – The Witcher 3
  • 20/12 – Mass Effect Andromeda
  • 21/12 – Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • 22/12 – Metal Gear Solid V
  • 23/12 – The Evil Within 2
  • 24/12 – Far Cry 5
  • 25/12 – Fallout 4
  • 26/12 – Borderlands 3
  • 27/12 – Monster Hunter Worlds
  • 28/12 – Dragon Age Inquisition
  • 29/12 – Horizon Zero Down
  • 30/12 – Ghost Recon Breakpoint
  • 31/12 – Hitman 2
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According to the leaked information, the release dates of the games and games that will be distributed free of charge are expected to be like this.


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