The Fortnite Creators Store has reached 61 million monthly active users with a peak of 13 million concurrent.

Epic Games entered the field of the digital market with its own store and ready to face Steam, the colossus of Valve. Although the initial profile seemed to point to indie productions, as the months have progressed they have also been done with exclusive temporary high-budget titles. The policy of giving away games every week has provided them with numerous new additions, and judging by the latest figures, the strategy is working. Epic Games Store has revealed that it already has 61 million monthly active users. As if that were not enough, the store has managed to reach a peak of 13 million on average.

Naturally, the numbers have been boosted by the recent campaign they’ve run alongside Take-Two Interactive. Through an agreement, they gave away weekly “mystery games,” which turned out to be far-reaching titles: GTA 5, Civilization 6, Borderlands: A Very Beautiful Collection, and Ark: Survival Evolved. Not to mention that its most successful title, Fortnite, is played through the Epic Games Store.

Free games also benefit developers

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, is clear that weekly free games benefit not only his company, but also everyone involved in the promotion. “Many developers who launch their free games in the store find that their sales on Steam and on consoles increase after going through Epic,” he revealed in an interview with GameSpot, which we collected on MeriStation. This occurs because interest in the product is rekindled, while bringing “millions of new users to the Epic Games ecosystem.”

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Since the Epic Games Store started, the store has offered free games to its users. First every two weeks, currently weekly. The North American company intends to follow this path.


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