Epic Games store has announced that it will include Windows applications from now on. The process that started with the Spotify application will help it become a universal store.

The Epic Games store, which has become the rising star of the game world in the last period and attracted the attention of millions of players with the free games it distributes, is making another move. Now there will be applications.

On the way to becoming a universal store
Stores such as Steam, GOG, or Epic Games usually address a specific industry as they focus on the game side. However, Google Play, App Store, Microsoft Store are the stores that are universally called.

Epig Games is taking the first step towards becoming universal with its move. Spotify will now be available on the Epic Games store. The company states that more applications will take place in the store in the coming period.

If the Epic Games store, which has around 350 million users, handles the application side, it will increase the interaction even more. It can become the biggest competitor of the Microsoft Store platform with the advantages it offers in revenue sharing.


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