The commercial embargo imposed by the US on Huawei is directly supported by some European countries. Ericsson, one of the companies that support Huawei, announced that they will consider withdrawing from the country if Sweden continues the infrastructure embargo on its rival.

Ericsson opposed the ban of rival Huawei in Sweden!

According to the report in Sweden’s Daily News, Ericsson CEO Börje Ekholm recently wrote a letter to Trade Minister Anna Hallberg. Speaking of Sweden’s restrictions on Huawei and ZTE in the letter, Ekholm made a restraint that Ericsson could withdraw from his own country if the situation is not resolved. The CEO of the company clearly stated that they support his opponent by confirming the situation after the letter appeared.

The Swedish Ministry of Commerce, the addressee of the letter, does not seem to take Ericsson’s warning very seriously. Minister Halberg stated that the decision on Huawei was taken with the recommendation of the national defense commission and stated that the ban will not be lifted in the short term. In this case, the rest from the Ericsson front was, in a sense, wasted.

The Huawei launch that Ericsson applied to its country is not a surprise considering the company’s global goals. The Chinese market is paramount in the company’s 5G project, and Ericsson is concerned about China retaliation. Therefore, the Swedish company is said to be considering its own interests while taking this step. Finally, it should be noted that Nokia, which does 5G studies other than Huawei and Ericsson, preferred to abstain on this issue.


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