The long-awaited Ethereum 2.0 update by the crypto community will be released shortly, and with this update, ETH will become more valuable in many respects. With the introduction of Ethereum 2.0, it is expected that the processing times will be significantly shortened.

With the introduction of Ethereum to PoS consensus, the rewards for users with 32 ETH and more in their wallet are already a matter of curiosity. Although the estimated amount of reward for now is stated to be between 4-10% of the ETH in the wallet, no explanation has yet been received from the Ethereum wing.

According to data provided by the Arcana research firm, more than 18 million out of 111 million supplies are held by foreign currency addresses. This may affect overall statistics, as small investors are seen as part of the balances on the exchanges.

The number of Ethereum wallets with at least 32 ETH has increased by 13% throughout the year. Although many users consider running their authenticators with 32 ETH, joining a pool is always more logical.

As the update gets closer, users point to the number of strategic wallets above the betting gap. Despite the minimum threshold for 32 ETH storage, the number of Ethereum wallets that store assets over 32 ETH has increased tremendously, especially in the current year.


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