Developments are continuing at full speed for ETH 2.0, which Ethereum investors are eagerly awaiting. Ethereum developers think the update will be estimated in July this year. To ensure the security of this critical update, the Ethereum Foundation has decided to increase the maximum reward for the software debugging program it announced earlier.

Ethereum Foundation Opened the Mouth of the Sac
An announcement by the Ethereum Foundation stated that the maximum prize was increased to $ 20,000. These competitions, also known as Bug Bounty, are implemented by many cryptocurrency projects. This prevents the software to be released to have any systemic vulnerabilities before the mainstream reaches usage.

The Ethereum Foundation recently launched a rewards program for developers and teams to find errors in the software, and with this announcement it showed how insistent it is to increase and maintain the reward program. However, it was stated that only very critical software errors will receive a $ 20,000 prize.


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