Ethereum, which started to rise in mid-December, increased twice in just 20 days, approaching $ 1100 levels. Ethereum is heading towards an all-time high.

The cryptocurrency market is slowly returning to its old days. In the week when Bitcoin exceeded the $ 33,000 level, Ethereum made a significant leap forward and crossed the $ 1000 mark after 3 years.

Ethereum later opened
Ethereum, which hovered between $ 500 and $ 600 in the days when Bitcoin exceeded the $ 20,000 level, greatly upset the investors. However, Ethereum, which started to rise as of January 14, increased exactly 2 times and started to push the $ 1100 level.

Fidgeting has also begun in many other sub-cryptocurrencies. While Litecoin surpassed the $ 160 level, the Polkadot unit also doubled to $ 10. Ripple, on the other hand, hovers around 25 cents.

The momentum also increased as more mutual funds entered the cryptocurrency market. While the value of the crypto money market is approaching $ 1 trillion, the daily volume is around $ 300 billion.


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