The latest analysis report stated that Ethereum is the most popular cryptocurrency on YouTube to date. Total Processing shared that currently the world’s most popular cryptocurrency on YouTube is Ethereum (ETH).


ETH popularity surpasses Bitcoin on YouTube

According to the report, currently Ethereum dominates other cryptocurrencies on YouTube when it comes to total views.

As of now, ETH has over 231 million views in total. The second largest cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, with 199,971,202.00 views by crypto enthusiasts.

The three popular cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin, LINK, have 45,728,324.00 views, Cardano’s ADA has 43,094,304.00 views, and XRP has 38,599,670.00 views.

These are followed by LTC, UNI, BNB, USDT and DOT.

Ethereum surpasses $ 2,000 and holds at this level

On April 6, Ethereum climbed above the $ 2,000 level and reached an all-time high of $ 2,151.

But since then, it has been on the decline, similar to the second most popular crypto Bitcoin.

Today, ETH is gradually dropping from the $ 2,110 level, printing massive red candles hourly.

At the time of writing, Ethereum is trading at the 2010 dollar level.


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