According to Tyler Swope, Ethereum-based protocols could implement massive airdrops in 2021. MetaMask, dYdX, FURUCOMBO and other protocols can initiate governance tokens to encourage community engagement.

The launch of UNI, the governance token of the Uniswap protocol, marked a turning point in Ethereum’s DeFi. In mid-September of this year, all users interacting with the smart contract on the decentralized exchange received at least 400 UNI or $ 1,200.

While the launch of the UNI is seen as a big event, crypto analyst and trader Tyler Swope has not only made a profit for investors. It also released a video of potential airdrops in excess of Uniswap’s $ 1 billion airdrop. According to Swope, the dYdX protocol stands out as the first protocol to catch users’ attention. Swope also stated that dYdX has a significant volume, especially for decentralized leveraged trading exchange.

On the other hand, the FURUCOMBO protocol can also initiate an airdrop that Swope recommends paying attention to. Popular crypto wallet MetaMask is another protocol that launches MetaMask Swaps, a collection tool.

The analyst also “has a sense” that the DeFi Saver and protocols are also working on a token. Swope also suggested to follow the Dark Forest protocol closely, as key figures in the crypto space have decided to join the project.


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