The Ethereum wallet MetaMask has urged its users to be more cautious due to another spreading phishing scam (phishing).

Popular crypto wallet MetaMask has warned its customers of a new phishing bot trying to get seed phrases. According to the team, the scam happens by prompting users to enter information into a Google Docs form. Users are directed to the so-called “instant support” portal.

MetaMask, a project focusing on Ethereum-based tools and infrastructure, posted a tweet today that uncovered a new fraud trying to harm platform users. The organization stated that the fraud occurred “normally” and a “recovery password was asked”. However, he stated that this is a complete fraud and users should be very careful.

The phishing bot tries to redirect users to an “instant support” portal and then asks them to enter their personal information into a Google Docs form. To clear any doubts, MetaMask reported that they are not a Google-based support system. The team advised users to reach support via the “Help” option in the MetaMask application.

He stated that the crypto money wallet also includes the option of “notifying phishing bot” in its applications and recommends that users get information from it. Despite the warning, many users complained that they had been hacked before. One of the users shared his disappointment on Twitter and expressed concern about how to return their tokens:

So I’m assuming we can’t get our tokens back, right? I assume that yesterday many people were robbed for this reason …

There are now more Ethereum-based token users in MetaMask

MetaMask has made real progress lately. The wallet is currently used by more than 5 million people. This is also an important turning point. It shows the growth in the whole ecosystem and especially in the DeFi area.

MetaMask, interestingly enough, is enjoying great popularity in southern countries where many people have problems with the local banking system and see the wallet as a reliable option. Some of the top 10 countries are India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Nigeria.

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