The crypto money market has been going through a lively period recently. Being the first in the market, Bitcoin continues to show itself in every sector with its movements.

The market has attracted the attention of many institutions that have shown interest in Bitcoin recently. Square Inc, MicroStrategy inc and other institutions .. All invested in Bitcoin with their increasing assets over time.

When we examined the list of Bitcoin treasures summarizing the assets of various companies, we found that the companies held 953,190 BTC together. MicroStrategy is also a leader in holding more Bitcoin than others. The company increases its share with every opportunity it receives.

With one institution winning, others were obliged to participate more actively and to own as much BTC as possible. On the contrary, Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency, was considered by many as a potential owner.

The value of ETH is not only growing, it also has a decentralized financial ecosystem that is developing around it. It also contributed to the growth of the cryptocurrency DeFi system. Now in the consolidated market, ETH has the potential to “legitimize the cryptocurrency” as it somehow acts as a hedge.

While institutions are rushing to Bitcoin, Ethereum may be developing something really powerful and innovative. Although the DeFi craze has stopped with the fluctuation of Bitcoin, when the pump is running low, the DeFi ecosystem may even attract the attention of investors this time.


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