With ETH reaching all-time highs, its cumulative market value has surpassed the mined platinum.



Ethereum (ETH) is approaching the 30 most valuable assets in the world following its latest price breakthrough, providing further evidence that its developer network is in the middle of a strong bull market.

ETH price hit an all-time high of $ 2,741.78 on Wednesday, according to TradingView data. With a current value of $ 2,730, Ether’s total market value is currently $ 315.4 billion.

33rd most valuable asset

Ether has now become the 33rd most valuable asset in the world, quickly surpassing precious metal platinum, according to the comparison website CompaniesMarketCap.com. The total market value of mined platinum, currently estimated at around $ 303 billion, is derived from an analysis of the cumulative production of the commodity since 1900. Using Statistica and Johnson Matthey Technology Review data, CompaniesMarketCap.com estimates that there are 250 million ounces of platinum.

While Platinum is the best performing precious metal this year, its gains are pale compared to Ether and other cryptocurrencies. Platinum has dropped nearly 14% to date.

Ether could reach new milestones in the very near future. Ethereum’s market dominance is growing steadily. Cryptocurrency now represents 15.1% of the overall market for digital assets. In the meantime, let’s also point out that Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen below 50% of its dominance.

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