There have been reactions from regulators in the EU this time against the Google FLoC system, which aims to group third-party cookies according to user behavior in order to remove them.

Google is experimenting with the Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC) method to replace third-party cookies and enable interest-based advertising on the web without letting advertisers know your identity. The backlash against the company’s initiative is growing day by day, and most recently regulators in Germany, Belgium and France have expressed concerns about FLoC.

Reactions against the new system are growing

With the FLoC system, Chrome will use machine learning to create groups with large numbers of people who share specific qualities and interests. The browser will include users in certain groups based on their past visits. Similar ads will be shown to users in the same group.

German and French regulators anticipate that the FLoC system will bring problems with user privacy. They point out that instead of Google having the system turned on by default in Chrome, people should actively choose to use FLoC. Belgian regulators, on the other hand, pointed out that this could be seen as a monopolistic approach, with privacy.

Many browsers against the new system

“The EU privacy law sets high standards for user transparency and control, and that’s what we envision for FLoC. We know the input of data protection authorities is the key to getting it right, so we can talk about our technology and plans at an early stage,” Chrome’s product manager said in a statement. we started. ” gave his statements.

Firefox, Brave, Vivaldi and Opera browsers have announced that they will not use the FLoC system as it will cause problems with users’ privacy. In addition, a Safari engineer supported the Brave social media account by sharing his post criticizing the FLoC system. Commenting, WordPress is considering turning off the FLoC system by default on all the sites it supports.

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