Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.40 update, which has been tested as a beta for a while, was finally released for all users.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.40 update has finally been released. With the 3.4 GB update, players have had a new visual lighting system. However, the update in question also hosts some graphical improvements. So, what kind of innovations are offered to the players with the Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.40 update? Let’s take a closer look at these innovations.

New Visual Lighting System
The developer studio SCS, which released a detailed update to the game after a long time, also took the look of the game with the 1.40 update. While the company aims to provide a more realistic lighting to the players, it also reflects the daylight changes in different weather conditions in the most accurate way thanks to the new lighting system.

The company, which details the new visual lighting system with the video it has published, also stated that many coatings have undergone changes. At the same time, SCS states that in addition to these changes, a new sky design has been added to the game. Thus, the company, which offers more realistic images to the players during the transition of day and night, says that it has updated some textures in the video it has published to be high resolution.

In short, with this update, many details about the lighting that you can think of have been overhauled. You can review these changes made in the video below.

Germany Map Renewed
SCS, which renewed the lighting details in the game, also completes the renovation of the Germany map with the 1.40 update. In this section, the company, which renovated the old parts of the map in accordance with the reality, also reports that it added new roads and intersections to the map.

New Regions Added to Vive La France Supplementary Pack
With the 1.40 update, the cities of Bayonne and Lacq are added to the Vive La France additional package. These cities will allow a trip to Iberia, which will soon be included in the game.

Update Features


A new visual lighting system has been added to the game.

The renewal of the map of Germany has been completed and all roads on the map have been renewed.
Vive La France! Bayonne and Lacq cities have been added to the additional package.

Two new stains have been added for trailers. (Super Stripes Paint Jobs Pack)

The vehicle tuning menu opened with F4 has been improved.
Company and text and city search feature has been added to job selection screen.


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