iPhone 13 News: Apple will appear in September with the iPhone 13 family. Apple, which will introduce four different models this year, let’s see what it will offer us?


We can say that the countdown has begun for September, which the technology world is eagerly waiting for. The technology giant from Cupertino will appear with four different iPhone 13 models this year. Apple, which does not offer a major innovation with the iPhone 12, is expected to offer some remarkable innovations to win its users this year. So, how will the new series be? Will iOS users smile this time?

iPhone 13 will come with remarkable innovations

The leaks so far suggest that the notch will get smaller in the iPhone 13 family. The concept of the notch, which entered our lives with the iPhone X, could not be reduced for many years due to the TrueDepth camera system. Apple will come up with a smaller notch this year. It seems that the disappearance of the notch is not possible for now. Maybe with the development of under-screen camera technologies, we can get rid of the notch in 3-4 years.

This year, Apple will introduce four models again. The technology giant, which will introduce the main, mini, Pro and Pro Max models, will again be good to the Pro models. While the main and mini models will have an OLED display with 60 Hz refresh, the Pro and Pro Max will use a ProMotion OLED display with 120 Hz refresh. This display on Pro models is expected to vary between 1 Hz and 120 Hz. Maybe this way, the always-on display feature, which has been on Android phones for years, can also come to iPhones. It is also among the information that the screen on the Pro models will be XDR. Thanks to XDR and Dolby Vision, we can say that color accuracy will increase.

Apple will add speed to its speed with A15

All of Apple’s new monsters will feature the Apple A15 chipset. This chipset is expected to be produced with a 4nm manufacturing process. We think that the Apple A15 chipset, which is expected to use the 1+3+4 core array, will offer improvements on the GPU side. Knowing Samsung’s cooperation with AMD, let’s see what Apple will offer us on the graphics unit side? On the RAM side, 4 GB of RAM will be used in the main and mini models, and 6 GB of RAM will probably be used in the Pro models.

In terms of design, the new series is expected to be the same as the iPhone 12. Therefore, there is a high probability that the name of the phone will be called iPhone 12S. Apple, which will not give up the angular design this year, will make changes in the camera design. In the main and mini models, the dual cameras will be positioned diagonally. These lenses are said to be quite large.

Pro and Pro Max will also feature a triple camera setup. This camera setup will be accompanied by a new generation LiDAR scanner. Pro models will also have larger lenses. Let’s point out that there is no information about the camera resolutions of the iPhone 13 for now.

The new models that will come out of the box with iOS 15 will also have the MagSafe feature. Apple, which will remove the adapter and headset from the box content, will come up with a simple box design. Other innovations that Apple will offer in the new models are unknown. Probably, Apple will again offer an innovation that is not in the industry. We will have to wait for the event in September to find out what these innovations are.

Now let’s come to the prices. The Mini model will be available starting at $700, the base model at $800, the Pro model starting at $1050, and the Pro Max model starting at $1150. Pro models will have 1TB of storage. Models with this storage will cost $1,500 or more.


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