Whenever a company announces a new console, the information is revealed little by little. Sony has not yet revealed all the details of the PS5, had planned an event for this Thursday (4), to demonstrate some of the games of the console. However, the event ended up being canceled, and there is still no new date to happen.

Now, with the launch of the PS5 scheduled for the end of 2020, see what is already possible to say, and what are the doubts that Sony has not yet eliminated.

What we already know

The first important information about the PS5, is that it will be built with cutting edge hardware. This, thanks to the new processing chips of the console. The central processing unit is based on AMD’s Ryzen line, while the graphics processing unit is part of Radeon’s Navi GPU line. With that, Sony hopes to achieve more realistic results.

An example of this can be seen in the Unreal Engine 5 reveal video. The impressive look leaves no doubt about the full potential of the console. The console’s power is so great that Epic Games had to rewrite Unreal Engine 5 to get the most out of its performance. It is worth remembering that the PS5 will have support for 8K games, however, this should only happen in the future, when the developers decide to take this new technological leap.

Another important change for Sony’s next generation console is in the storage of games. The company decided to move from a traditional hard drive to an SSD. According to Sony, users will experience shorter load times, and will be able to enjoy games more.

Backward compatibility is another important issue. If in the current generation Sony has not given due attention to the subject, for the next thing it will be a little different. At the launch of the PS5, the console is expected to support about 100 PS4 games. However, over time, Sony intends to expand the list of games, trying to reach more than 4,000 games of the current generation, in the next.

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Finally, there is the new control, revealed in April. DualSense will have significant changes from previous Sony controls, starting with the design. This is the first time that the company opts for a different model, but this is just a detail. Now, the controls will have different vibration responses, depending on the game and the action that is taking place. In addition, it will also feature a series of built-in microphones that allow voice chat without a headset.

What we don’t know yet

The first answer that we still don’t have – and one of the most important ones at the moment – is about price. How much will the PS5 cost at launch. According to a report by Bloomberg, it is possible that the price will be between $ 500 to $ 550, about $ 100 more than the PS4. This difference is directly related to the power of the console. In direct conversion, it would be between R $ 2,550 and R $ 2,800, however, unfortunately it is not yet possible to estimate its approximate value in Brazil.

The look of the console is still a complete mystery. Sony is expected to introduce the PS5 soon, but there is still no date for us to check out the first official images.

Finally, Sony has yet to comment on the digital games that PS4 users have on their PlayStation Network account. Whether backward compatibility applies only to physical media, what should happen with digital games is still a mystery.

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