In this news, we will share with you all the details about the POCO M3. We will pass on the price, features, release date and more. As it is known, Xiaomi is a company that brings innovations in many technology areas. Although the company’s being Chinese caused some negative perceptions at first, it made us say that today it produces solid products in the Chinese. The famous company, which has made innovations in the smart phone market as well as in the field of wearable technology, continues to come to the fore with one of the newest smartphone models. We have included all the information about POCO M3 in this news.



First of all, we know that the POCO M3 will be launched with 4GB of RAM. The smartphone, which will be launched in India for the first time, will be sold with only 4GB of RAM. The phone, which has 4GB of RAM, will present two different storage areas, 128GB and 64GB. In addition, the smartphone is expected to have a variant with 6GB of RAM.

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The phone, which will be the favorite device of users who play games and watch movies with its huge screen, will be distinguished from other smartphones with its unbreakable glass. As it is known, Xiaomi uses Corning Gorilla Glass in its smartphones. The POCO M3 will feature Gorilla Glass 3.


When will the POCO M3 be released?

While it is among the clear information that the new smartphone will be launched in India on February 2, it is expected to be released in other countries in the coming weeks.


How Is The Price Of The POCO M3?

First of all, they will beat anyone who does not buy the POCO M3 at this price. The price of the phone, which will be released with two different storage areas, is as follows:

4GB RAM + 64GB Storage Space – $179
4GB RAM + 128GB Storage Space – $189


Technicial Specifications

  • Screen Size: 6.53 Inch
  • Screen Resolution: 1080x2340p
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Number of Lines: Double Lines
  • CPU Core: 2.0 GHz 8 Core
  • Quick Charge: Yes
  • Rear Camera: 48MP
  • Internal Storage: 64GB and 128GB two different options


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