The 3D depth camera feature Apple plans to launch this year will be on at least one of the iPhones. Engineers at Apple have been working on the 3D camera for at least two years. The sensor will allow Apple to add new AR features and experiences to the iPhone series this year.

AR experience with 3D feature
The possibility of adding the ToF sensor on Apple’s 2020 iPhone is now part of the design. The company will supply the laser of the 3D sensor from Lumentum, the same company that the current iPhones supply for the TrueDepth camera. So far, we have seen that many Android flagship smartphones with ToF sensor at the back have been released. However, they have not yet been able to offer meaningful AR experiences.

New generation AR stores
Apple can use the 3D sensor on iPhone in 2020 to provide a bokeh effect in photos. Also, portrait mode can be added to videos. This is a feature we have seen on several Android devices. Now this issue for iPhone is not clear. A leak reported that Apple would integrate with Apple stores and Starbucks for iOS 14. He also confirmed that the company is working on a new AR application that will provide users with information about items in the store, prices and other similar topics.

With its 3D depth camera, Apple can find many ways to improve its existing features and add new ones. The company, which has been investing heavily for ARKit and AR over the past few years, will combine these features with an iPhone with a 3D sensor, and everything will be all right. The company is also working on iPad Pro renovation with a 3D depth camera on the back.


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