EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that the new Battlefield game will be introduced next spring and will be released towards the end of the year.

Electronic Arts made some brief statements today for the highly anticipated new game in the Battlefield series. Confirming that the game will be released later this year, EA said that the detailed official introduction will take place in the coming months. EA also used some exciting phrases for the game.

“The new Battlefield game will feature maps of unprecedented size. It will take full advantage of the power of next-generation platforms to bring the massive and intense battles ever to life. It will introduce the game next spring and is a landmark “We will present the new Battlefield experience to the players during the holiday period of 2021”.

Wilson did not answer other questions about the game. Stating that we should wait for the official launch in the spring for detailed promotion, Wilson pointed out that the new Battlefield game will open the doors of a new era in the series by using the power of PS5 and Series X / S.

128-seater maps, a return to modern times and a ‘cross-generation’ expected
Andrew Wilson’s words overlap with the leaks that have already appeared. In the leaks, it was stated that Battlefield 6 will have 128-person maps and will be released as a cross-generation. It was also said that with Battlefield 6, the series will return to modern times.

Preparing Battlefield 6 as cross-generation raises some concerns, of course. Due to the older generation consoles, the game may not meet the expectations in terms of visuality. However, in a rumor that emerged in the past weeks, it was stated that the old generation and new generation versions of the game were prepared by different studios. It is said that the next generation Battlefield 6 will make the most of the power of consoles.


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