While the introduction of PlayStation 5 is eagerly awaited, expectations for Microsoft’s rival game console are at the top. A thrilling claim has been made for the Xbox Series X, which should be in strict competition with its rival.

A developer named David Springate made this claim in an interview with Xbox. Springate, who is one of the developers of the Dirt 5 game, is known for his information about the console beforehand.

Exciting statement for Xbox Series X

The developer of the Dirt 5 game spoke about the SSD on the console in an interview with the Xbox official site. Stating that he was very pleased with the performance on the console as a developer, Springate stated that the loading time in the games is almost non-existent. Due to the slowness of the storage, the loading times of the games could outwit players, and if the developer says it’s true, the Xbox Series X will save us from a huge load.

On paper, the SSD of PlayStation 5 is faster, but we haven’t seen an experience report on the speed of SSD on PS5 from Sony or other sources. A lot of information about the console that will be introduced today will be released and we will learn more about its performance.

David Springate pointed out that the speed of the storage on the new Xbox is a very different level, he says he has achieved much better performance than an ordinary computer SSD. Another advantage of fast storage units may be faster loading of textures in games. Because in slow discs, details may not be loaded until a few seconds after entering the game.


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