Kyungsoo and Minseok first presented the musical ‘Return: The Promise Of The Day’, where they both bring to life important characters in the plot that narrates the journeys of various soldiers.

Both EXO idols are performing their military service and the work is part of the artistic activities within their preparation. It has become a tradition to mount this great musical every year.

It was planned to release ‘Return: The Promise Of The Day’ for a few months, due to the COVID-19 rehearsals were canceled and the launch of the staging was postponed so as not to put anyone’s health at risk.

Through the Korean portal NAVER, the first performance of the military musical ‘Return: The Promise Of The Day’ was broadcast live from the Seoul City Olympic Park venue, thousands of viewers enjoyed the story and were moved by the DO and Xiumin performances.

The names of Kyungsoo and Minseok became trending on social media, EXO-L released several epic moments from ‘Return: The Promise Of The Day’ and the idols from SM Entertainment.


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