Unfortunately, South Korean LG continues to write damage to its household in the phone industry. The LG phone was not withdrawn from the business so that the company name was not abused. However, it seems that the damage has now reached the arm. Today, LG executive signaled that as a company, he could withdraw from the phone industry.



“He believes we have reached the point where we need to make the best decision about our cell phone unit,” LG’s executive said. statement was included. From this statement, we can deduce that the stubborn activity of the damaged department does not make sense, and even harms the company. So the final lead for LG will be tightened this year.

The smartphones that LG will introduce this year are of great importance. If the phones to be introduced this year cannot sell again, the mobile section will probably be closed at the end of 2021. Probably, in this market where the pipe of Xiaomi, OPPO, Huawei, Vivo, Samsung and Apple is crowing, LG will not be able to make bread again.

After LG, Sony should also withdraw from the phone industry. These two companies, which produce phones to produce, do nothing but waste of resources. Because it doesn’t really sell phones worldwide. We hope that these two companies, which cannot even make it into the top 10, will turn to jobs they know better at the end of 2021.

Samsung is the only competitor of LG in the white goods and television industry. Therefore, the South Korean firm should focus more on these areas.

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