Galaxy A71 News: South Korean Samsung brought the Android 11 update to the tablet model this morning. Now the security patch has been released for the Galaxy A71.


Technology giant Samsung continues to distribute updates like blue beads. The company, which released updates for more than 350 devices in May alone, continues its leadership in this regard. The company, which made a name for itself with its updates as well as brand new products, was once again caught on my radar. The technology giant, which has been on our tongue for months with its different updates, does not seem to intend to lose the smartphone market to anyone. The technology giant, which is currently preparing to launch its smartphones in India, announced that it has released the May 2021 security patch for the Galaxy A71.

Continuing its updates from where it left off, the company started to focus on security patches. The company, which released the June 2021 security patch for phone models on the first day of June, has now announced that it has released the expected update for the A71.

Galaxy A71 Receives May 2021 Security Patch

The May 2021 security patch was released today for the 4G LTE version of the device. The unannounced update for the 5G variant will soon be available for it as well. While the released update included various security codes on the device, many bugs were resolved again. We couldn’t find any details about the file size of the update. However, since it is a security patch, we can say that the size is not very high. The update, which is currently available for download, did not bring any innovation to the devices, it fixed the errors.


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