Ripple News: Outside of the Ripple community, the XRP token doesn’t have any real use cases. People from the Ripple and XRP community are trying to persuade them.



This time, Ripple Director of Developer Relations Matt Hamilton explained on Twitter what XRP was originally made for. According to Matt Hamilton, the use cases are the same as the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

“XRP is a better version of Bitcoin, but the use cases are the same,” said Matt Hamilton.

Matt Hamilton, Director of Developer Relations at Ripple, responded to a tweet where a user stated that no bank uses XRP and that it is a useless and centralized copy of Bitcoin. He wrote that these assumptions are far from the truth.

The reason for these criticisms is the loss of confidence of some users due to Ripple and the SEC lawsuit.

Hamilton explained that XRP was created by BTC developers as a better version of Bitcoin as soon as they realized that BTC energy use could not be scaled.

As for the use cases of XRP, according to Hamilton, they are basically similar to those of Bitcoin. It provides P2P payments that do not require any third party.

He stated that XRP, which is completely different from NANO, is more decentralized than Bitcoin.

Hamilton also assured that XRP is much more decentralized than Bitcoin, in response to the assumption that implies the opposite.

He stated that XRPL has around 150 validators, which means the spread of control for XRP is more decentralized than BTC.

Discussing with a NANO fan, Matt Hamilton agreed that NANO has some interesting features, but said that XRP has different use cases than this coin.

Ripple has also provided connectivity to hundreds of services that use Ripple’s ODL and XRP for micropayments.


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