You can interactively explore the region where Perseverance landed on Mars via the 360-degree YouTube video below.

New photos keep coming from NASA’s Perseverance mission. The space agency has now released a 4K quality 360-degree interactive image from the surface of Mars. We can explore the area where Perseverance landed on the YouTube video below.

NASA made some explanations about the video, “The 360 ​​degree view showing the land where Perseverance landed was taken with the color Navigation Cameras (Navcams) on the navigator. Navcams are located on the remote sensing mast (the traveler’s head). With 19 cameras on Perseverance, so far. It holds the record for the most camera observation vehicle among the travelers sent to Mars. ” used the expressions.

The photos taken by Perseverance are transmitted to Earth via probes in Mars’ orbit. Perseverance’s transmission speed to orbiting satellites is around 2mbit / second. The data is then transmitted from here to huge deep space antennas located at different locations on Earth. Turkey also currently has plans to build a deep space antenna in Istanbul.

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