Crypto startup Graph announced that it is exploring support for additional layer-one blockchains, including Bitcoin, Polkadot, and NEAR.



Data interrogation

Potential integrations coming one month after the Graph’s launch on the mainnet will initially be added to the current list of supported chains, including Ethereum, IPFS and POA. Graph service enables queries of data in many blockchains.

For example, Bitcoin integration allows developers in the second tier Bitcoin project to use some of the data they need from Ethereum or other layers that are integrated.

Graph’s integrations in this first layer will allow developers to use the best features of each integration to build their applications.

“After launching Mainnet, we are trying to accelerate the upward trajectory of the Web3 ecosystem,” said Eva Beylin, Director of The Graph Foundation. This means that regardless of which Layer 1 blockchain you are developing, you can create a bottom chart and easily access the data in the chains. We think this is an essential part of unlocking the next stage. The development also calls the “wave of innovation in the decentralized internet”.

According to the initiative, new tier one integrations are expected to occur in the next few months, depending on community interest and engagement.


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