iPhone 12 News: Apple came up with the iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack.


Apple from Cupertino introduced a magnet feature called MagSafe with the iPhone 12. This feature, which makes life easier for users in terms of accessory variety, will now be used to extend the battery of iPhones. Thanks to this accessory called iPhone 12 MagSafe Battery Pack, you will be able to attach the battery to the back of the iPhone with a magnet and charge your phone as if it were a powerbank.

This accessory, which is compatible with the entire iPhone 12 family, will be sold at an affordable price of $99 in the United States. Please note that when you buy this accessory, only the battery comes out of the box, and you have to purchase the USB-C to Lightning Cable and USB-C adapter separately.

This accessory has a direct charge feature so you can charge both the iPhone and the MagSafe Battery Pack at the same time. So you can charge both the phone and the battery at the same time. This accessory, which iPhone 12 owners should not miss, can charge the iPhone with up to 5W while charging on the go. It can charge up to 15W if connected to a 20W or higher power source.

This is all that is known for now about Apple’s new accessory, which will run on iOS 14.7 and above operating systems, which will be released in the coming days. Information such as the capacity of the battery and how many times it can charge the iPhone was not shared by Apple. Probably not shared. Moving forward with the motto of “we did the best for you”, we hope that Apple will ease this policy and share the technical details with us.


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