The chip caravan with a 5nm manufacturing process, which was included in our lives with Apple’s A14 Bionic chip and then continued with the Kirin 9000, continued to expand with the Snapdragon 888 at the end of December. While a clear chip has yet to emerge on the MediaTek front, the strongest of the Samsung front also became official a few hours ago. Exynos 2100, which is the most up-to-date among the chips with 5nm production process, has emerged ambitious enough to rival Snapdragon 888.



Introducing the Exynos 2100 chip, which will be introduced in the Galaxy S21 series that it will introduce in 2021, Samsung has been tongue-tied by the double standards made in recent years. So much so that the company, which presented its admirals with Snapdragon to some markets and Exynos chips to some markets, was lynched by users due to the loss of performance and efficiency. Samsung, which did not leave the double standard in solving this issue, instead made Exynos much stronger.

Exynos 2100, introduced at CES 2021, consists of one customized Cortex-X1 running at 2.9GHz, three Cortex-A78 and four Cortex-A55 cores. On the graphical side, we see the 14-cluster Mali-G78. We also saw this cluster sequence in Adreno 660, which is included in Snapdragon 888.

Thanks to the 5nm manufacturing process, the chip, which works 20% more efficiently than the previous generation, also exhibits a 10% increase in data performance. Exynos 2100, which draws algorithms more efficiently with 3 cluster artificial intelligence cores, offers camera support up to 200MP resolution. Finally, it supports UFS 3.1 storage and 5G connectivity up to 7.35Gbps. In terms of performance, it can be said to be on par with the Snapdragon 888.

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