The Exynos 2200 chipset, which will be used in the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, burned and destroyed. What kind of performance is this?


The year was 2019, and Samsung made an announcement that it will work with AMD on the GPU side on the next generation chipsets. As of that day, this was a news that did not disturb anyone, but today, when we look at it, Samsung may come to another point in terms of mobile processors. Because the GFX Benchmark results of the Exynos 2200 chipset announced today officially broke the ground.

As you know, the Exynos 2100 chipset is a processor used by Samsung’s today’s flagship Galaxy S21 series. This chipset lacks an AMD GPU and continues with the Samsung Mali-G78 MP14 GPU. When we look at the results of the Exynos 2200, which will power the Galaxy S22 series to be introduced next year, we see that it has a 2.5 times GPU increase compared to the Exynos 2100. On the CPU side, it is stated that the difference is around 35%. So don’t be surprised if we see million figures next year in Antutu tests.

The biggest difference here is that we see that the Apple A14 chipset is thrown. Because when we look at the benchmark tests in the mobile processor market today, the Apple A14 Bionic chipset was at the top, but we see that the Exynos 2200 is 2 times faster than the Apple A14 in GPU performance. This is seen as a difference that Apple cannot cover next year. In other words, the probability that the Galaxy S22, which will be introduced to the market next year, will be the fastest phone is increasing day by day.


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