Exynos 2200  News: Samsung’s new mobile chipset Exynos 2200 appeared in the performance test. This chipset will bring its competitors to its knees with its graphics unit.


South Korean Samsung will include the Exynos 2200 chipset in the Galaxy S22 family, which it will introduce at the beginning of 2022. Collaborating with AMD, Samsung will use the RDNA 2 architecture graphics unit in this chipset. The test results of the GPU with RDNA2, which is expected to level up in mobile games, have emerged today. Thanks to AMD, Samsung seems to be able to surpass Qualcomm and Apple.

Exynos 2200 will be faster than Snapdragon 888 and Apple A14

In benchmark tests, the chipset with mRDNA manages to get 181.8 FPS. As you can see, the new solution from AMD and Samsung significantly outperforms the competition. chipset with mRDNA; It outperforms the AppleA14Bionic by 33 percent and the Mali GPU in the Exynos 2100 by 60 percent.

Sources add that heat dissipation is a major challenge in bringing the RDNA2 desktop architecture, currently used in Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards, to the smartphone segment. It is not yet clear whether Samsung and AMD will be able to fix the problem. However, even in the worst case, we can say that we will encounter a very fast GPU for mobile.

The coming of the RDNA2 architecture to mobile platforms will further reduce the difference with consoles. It is obvious that this architecture will make a big difference, especially in emulator use. Since Samsung’s RDNA 2 move, eyes have been turned to Qualcomm and Apple. Let’s see if other companies will be able to produce an alternative mobile GPU to RDNA 2 in the near future.


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