AMD RDNA2 GPU News: Currently, while the chip shortage continues in the technology world, the future of Exynos chips with AMD RDNA2 GPU has become clear.



As you know, there has been a chip problem on the agenda of the technology world for months. Many brands had reduced their production as they faced chip shortages. Some companies, such as Apple, have now decided to manufacture their own chips. The chip issue was on our agenda yesterday as well. Intel CEO announced that the chip problem could take up to two years. As such, companies try to roll up their sleeves and produce their own chips to avoid such problems. Today, it has been revealed that Exynos chips with AMD RDNA2 GPU will be produced.

As we mentioned in our news earlier, Samsung stated that it plans to bring AMD graphics to its flagship chip at the beginning of this year. However, the company did not provide information about when the new chipset will be released. New developments are taking place in these days as we move towards leaving the first half of the year behind.

Samsun Prepares to Release Exynos Chipset with AMD GPU

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su also made striking statements at the company’s Computex 2021 event today. According to the information we have received, it has been confirmed that Samsung’s processor will include RDNA2 graphics. Coming to mobile devices for the first time, the AMD GPU will deliver high-fidelity graphics and improved power efficiency. Before we forget, RDNA2 is AMD’s latest graphics architecture. Samsung’s new processors will be powered by AMD.


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