The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given the green light for commercial supersonic flight tests to be conducted in the U.S. Now companies like Boom will be able to easily get permission for these tests.

The good news has finally arrived for companies like Boom Supersonic and Hermeus who want to re-enact the era of commercial supersonic flight. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave the green light for commercial supersonic flight tests to be conducted in the USA.
The FAA has also published the latest rule for obtaining approvals for tests on supersonic flights on US soil, which has the potential to reduce the time passengers spend on aircraft at many points by almost half. “We hope to facilitate the safe development of civilian-purpose supersonic aircraft with this rule,” the statement made on the rule published on Wednesday, January 6, said.

Boom Supersonic, one of the companies determined to make commercial supersonic flights a part of our lives again, introduced the XB-1 prototype last October, as our followers will remember.

The company started to wait for the decision to be taken by the FAA after this process. Because, in the decision taken in 1973, FAA did not allow commercial flights above Mach 1 speed in the USA due to the sonic explosion they caused. With the last decision taken, this obstacle was removed. Now, companies have the procedures and methods of obtaining FAA approval for supersonic tests.

US Transport Secretary Elaine L. Chao said, “The decision taken today is a very important step for civilian supersonic flights. This step is also an indicator of the ministry’s approach to safe technological developments ”.


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