Facebook and Google are among the companies that have been working from home as a working model due to the Corona virus epidemic. The two giant companies have decided to close their offices, which they plan to open this summer, until the end of 2020.

Facebook and Google will continue to provide uninterrupted service, extending the validity of the measure they take to control the outbreak.

Facebook and Google employees will work from home
The Corona virus outbreak has been transmitted to more than three million people worldwide. As such, workplaces with large groups of people are at great risk, and offices that have closed in the business world one by one since February have adopted the remote working system. The Google office was scheduled to open on June 1, and the Facebook office on July 6.

According to the statement made by Google, it was announced that employees who have to go to the office can go and those who do not have to continue working remotely until the end of the year. This decision of the giant company may change according to the course of the corona virus epidemic.

The situation is not different for Facebook, which informs its employees by e-mail. Employees will be able to continue working from home until the end of this year, according to their wishes.

It is no surprise that the two companies, with headquarters in the US, have closed their offices as there were more than 1.3 million positives in the country. All companies’ offices outside the U.S. will continue to work remotely.

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