Facebook and Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms in the world, added a new feature about stories. Users of the two platforms will now see who they may know between the stories.

Facebook and Instagram seem to be subject to criticism from many, with new stories. It is said that now people who may be familiar with users will be shown, just like the commercials following the stories that started a while ago. The People tab you may know is a feature that many Facebook users probably know and will speed up people’s connection with each other, but how it will appear in this way is not yet known how it will cause reactions.

It is fair to say that the new update for Facebook is also valid for Instagram accounts. In other words, Instagram users will see the suggestions of people they may know as well as the ads that come after the stories they watched very soon. Experts commenting on the subject state that this is in the interest of companies and a good step has been taken to increase participation in the platforms. So the common decision is that this situation is wise.

The update will be coming to both applications soon:

“Facebook now shows ‘people you may know’ among stories (like an ad) ”

It is reported that this update, which is said to be new, will come to all users very soon. In the news given on Twitter, what the feature will look like has been introduced to people with the help of some visuals. When Facebook makes this decision and experts say they find the new feature useful, the final word falls on users. Let’s add that some users find the new stories feature annoying and scary.

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In addition to all these, this feature, which is said to come with improvements in the near future, is an example of the innovative approach Facebook has adopted. The company is also said to have done a lot of new work and tested a lot of features to keep it up to date. In the coming days, we will follow and see how the situation will take shape in the last step and how the companies will behave towards the comments of users who have started to experience the new feature.


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