Social media giant Facebook and Instagram owned by this company are asking iOS users for permission to collect data with the introduction of Apple’s new privacy rules.

With the latest version of iOS 14.5, Apple introduced an application that collects user data, which many companies do not like. According to the new privacy rules, apps cannot collect user personal data by default, but can ask the user to grant these rights. Of course, most of the big companies did not like it, and Facebook and Instagram come first.

May be paid implies

The truth is that Facebook and Instagram have decided to implement “intimidation” tactics, despite the privacy rules that came into play with the new version of iOS. Updated apps When these apps are launched, a warning is displayed on the smartphone screen that Instagram or Facebook is planning to collect personal data, while the following reads that this will improve ad selection and help “keep Facebook and Instagram free.”

The tip here is clear: If you choose to turn off surveillance, you may have to pay to use Facebook or Instagram. Of course, there are no such restrictions in reality, and it seems unlikely in the future that these social networks will be paid for those who refuse to provide their private data. However, in general Facebook may impose any restrictions on those who refuse to share this data. However, how Apple will react to this is another important aspect.


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