The debate flared by Twitter’s US President Donald Trump’s labeling “voting by mail is open to cheating” as “in need of confirmation” also split social media giants. “Our goal is to unite controversial statements and draw attention to controversial content,” said Facebook founder Zuckerberg, “We are not judges of righteousness.”

Giving an interview to the conservative Fox News channel on Wednesday, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview with some episodes on Thursday that the social media platforms should not be the judge of the truth of everything shared on the internet.

Facebook founder Zuckerberg: “We are more committed to freedom of expression”

After news that President Donald Trump will sign a presidential decree on social media companies, Zuckerberg, who distanced himself from Twitter, underlined that he had a different policy on freedom of expression than other technology companies. Zuckerberg stressed that Twitter and Facebook stand in different places on this issue, arguing that his company is more dependent on freedom of expression compared to other technology companies.

“Deciding what is right is a dangerous line”

Exempting the sharing and advertising of politicians from the application of confirming the shared content, Facebook founder, “We think it will not be right to operate the confirmation mechanism for what politicians say.” “I think that Facebook or other internet platforms should not be the referee of truth in general. If you ask me, this is a dangerous line for deciding what is right and what is wrong. ”

Facebook and Twitter companies have not yet commented institutionally on the presidential decree. Facebook founder Zuckerberg, in an interview with Fox News, said, “I need to understand what the intention is. However, it seems that it is not a correct reflex for a government that is concerned about censorship in general to go to a platform censorship ”.

Jack Dorsey: “The aim is to draw attention to controversial content, not arbitration”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey defended his decision to put a confirmation alert on the message shared by President Trump. Dorsey said in a statement on Twitter that they will continue to draw attention to false or controversial information shared about elections around the world.

Responding to Zuckerberg’s criticism of “the referee of truth”, Jack Dorsey said, “Our aim is to draw attention to content that is the subject of controversy by combining the points between contradictory statements and to leave discretion to the public. This does not make us the referee of the truth. ”


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